Guns of Icarus

Guns of Icarus is a first person steam punk shooter, and in it you can play as one of three different classes on board an airship and here are the classes;


Pilot, strategist, and commander, the Captain flies the ship, scopes out the battlefield, chooses engagements, and communicates priorities to keep the crew working as a cohesive unit. A good Captain has a keen eye, a quick mind, and a sure hand on the wheel.


Pilot’s Tools



With this handy tool the Captain can sight enemies at a distance, keep track of them through cloud cover, and mark targets for the crew to focus their fire on. Spotting indicators are visible for the whole team, and spotted enemies also appear on the map.

See Spotting.


Lucky Phoenix Claw

Shipgoing folk are a superstitious breed, and airship captains are no exception. With a wave of this lucky talisman, a Captain gains the confidence to pull off hotshot piloting maneuvers that temporarily improve a ship’s turn speed… or so they believe. These tricky moves can take their toll on the engines, however.



This fuel additive can be used to provide a short-term boost to engine output. That extra speed comes at a cost, causing engine damage over time.



This special formula is brewed aboard ship according to a secret recipe and kept around for emergencies. Turns out it also makes a pretty impressive engine fuel, although engineers tend not to be too happy with the havoc it wreaks with the engines.


Hydrogen Canister

This highly flammable lifting gas increases upward acceleration, but brings with it a greater risk of fire to the balloon.


Chute Vent

Activates vents to release gas from the balloon, increasing downward acceleration for rapid drops.


Tar Barrel

Dump this gunk into the engines and they begin to spew a thick cloud of black smog, useful for confusing pursuers and making a quick getaway. Sustained use clogs up and causes damage to engines.


Drogue Chute

An emergency parachute that can be deployed to counter momentum and rapidly slow forward motion.


Impact Bumpers

Deploys a protective barrier around the ship and reduces engine output to lessen the force of impact and reduce collision damage.


The Gunner has one job and one job only: locate targets and blow ‘em out of the sky! Gunners combine quick reflexes and sure aim with a thorough knowledge of all the tools of war, from the humble Gatling gun to the larger guns like the deadly Manticore Heavy Hwacha.


Gunner’s Tools


Lochanagar Shot

An extremely deadly and experimental round of ammunition. A single powerful shot loaded with everything and anything that goes boom. Due to the nature of the clip and ammunition, it drastically reduces gun mobility.


Heavy Clip

The added weight of this special ammo clip helps to reduce recoil of any gun. The downside is that since these bullets are heavier, they don’t travel as quickly as their normal counterparts.


Lesmok Rounds

Special ammunition that is packed with unique Lesmok gunpowder that packs an extra punch making your shots travel much faster. Great for weapons that tend to have a significant amount of bullet drop or if you need an extra boost to accuracy.


Greased Rounds

These rounds and clip mechanism have been specially treated so that they exit the gun at a much higher rate than normal. If you need to unleash a barrage of bullets into your enemy before they squeak passed, this is your answer.


Heat Sink Clip

The worst thing that can happen is if your gun catches on fire, rendering your weapon unusable. Don’t worry, load in this special clip and your gun will be able to dissipate heat and protect itself from catching fire.


Incendiary Rounds

Want your bullets to pack an extra spicy kick? Well, don’t hesitate to load these bad boys in your gun and set all the things on fire.


Burst Rounds

Burst rounds pack a less powerful punch as direct damage, but spread destruction over a wider area with an explosive charge.


Charged Rounds

For those with a steady hand, why not use special rounds that deal extra damage? You’ll get fewer bullets and you won’t be able to shoot as fast but these babies sure do the trick if your aim is true..


When everything’s falling apart and you can’t see through the smoke, it’s the Engineer who keeps the ship flying. Most often seen running around the deck and putting out fires—figurative and literal—successful Engineers have serious multitasking skills, intense focus, an impeccable sense of timing, and a good pair of boots. And if you want a reputation as a miracle worker, remember to inflate your repair estimates by a factor of four.
Engineer’s Tools

Shifting Spanner

A simple tool for a quick fix, repairing a small amount of damage in a pinch. Effective at rapidly rebuilding offline components.


Pipe Wrench

A blunt tool for percussive maintenance, with medium repair strength and speed. What the Pipe Wrench lacks in precision and power it makes up for in accessibility, a generalist’s tool that performs most tasks capably.


Rubber Mallet

The robust Rubber Mallet allows the Engineer to make more substantial repairs that require a longer cooldown period, best saved for when the ship is out of immediate danger. Slow to rebuild destroyed components.



Fire Extinguisher

With a trusty Fire Extinguisher ready at hand, the Engineer is prepared to put out fires as soon as they start.


Chemical Spray

While not having the instant extinguishing effects of the Fire Extinguisher, the chemicals will coat component and decrease the chance of it igniting in flames again.


DynaBuff Industries Kit

Engineering isn’t all about putting out fires and fixing damage. Maintenance is important, too, and in moments of calm, this tool can be used to apply the tuning and buffs that yield small boosts in performance when battle comes again.

Now for the different ships that you can use:

Squid—Fastest and most fragile ship.

Squid—Fastest and most fragile ship.

Spire—The glass cannon.

Spire—Good all around

Pyramidion—The vanguard to lead you into battle.

Pyramidion—Good speed and strength

Junker—Multi-role ship, very flexible.

Junker—Very maneuverable and strong

Goldfish—Bread and butter

Goldfish—Fast and durable the Goldfish can out run most opponents

Galleon—Hulking tank.

Galleon—Hulking tank.

The End.

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My brother, Eli, and I are making up our own Pokémon, so here are some of them:

Li’le: Small plump blackish pinkish colored Pokémon dark or psychic type depending on gender female psychic, male dark, evolves into; Limbile, or Limvise, depending on gender.

Limbile: always male, dark type, evolves from Li’le, special attack; Dark Grasp, black colored.

Limvise: always female, psychic type, evolves from Li’le, special attack; psychic bind, Pinkish grey.

Eenchy: male or female, ice bug type, special attack; Ice string, Greenish grey with ice running down its back.

Buttice: male or female, ice bug type, special attack; Icy Wind, Blue with icy wings.

Chiga: male or female, electric type, special attack; Electric Pulse, Yellow orange, fluffy.

Lechiken: male or female, electric type, evolves from Chiga, special attack; Electric Blast, Yellow, orange, red sleek feathers.

Roostrike: male or female, electric type, evolves from Lechiken, special attack; Electric Beam, Yellow, orange, red, blue.

Rouhaw: male, normal type, special attack; Cuteness, white and black.

Yahawrou: male, normal type, evolves from Rouhaw, special attack; Take-Down, grey and white colored.

Roarange: Legendary, male, Dragon type, special attack; Legendary Roar, Orange, usually invisible.

Here is a link to the Official Pokédex*

Please tell me if they sound like real Pokémon, thanks!

*A Pokédex is a little machine that holds all the information about Pokémon.

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New Minecraft Mod….. Again!

Hello and welcome back once again i am

doing a mod showcase but today I am doing;



3…. 2…. 1….


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Minecraft: New mod.

Hello and welcome back to my blog.

Today I have discovered a new minecraft mod,* called Ancient Warfare!

In it you basically control an army and siege weapons, and you own a castle.


*I almost said blog instead of mod.






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Eli’s Birthday. YAY!

Hey guys tomorrow is my brothers birthday so say happy birthday to him.

Happy Birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday dear Eli… happy birthday to you. YAY!!!!

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Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons is a role playing game that started it all, it is a game of Hero’s, Villains, Dungeons, Dragons, Monsters and Magical creatures. In Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) you create a character from the D&D Players handbook and play with friends or at a local game store, and battle enemies, defeat villains and complete quests. If anyone plays D&D i would love to start a D&D team with people! I hope this inspires you to play D&D. If not than its OK some people just don’t have fun with it, but if you do than have fun and good luck.

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Minecraft Mod Showcase: Elevator Mod!

Hello today I am doing my first mod showcase ever. It is the elevator mod! Watch the video if you want some more info.

Ignore the sign. 😉

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The ancient dragon clans

There are four dragon clans: The fire clan, the air clan, the earth clan and the water clan. The fire and air clans both have wings. All clans have two-four elements, The fire clan have the elements: Fire and Lava. The air clan have the elements: Air, Storm, Lightning and Wind. The water clan have the elements: Water, Ice and Snow. The earth clan have the elements: Earth, Ground, Stone and Steel.



The air dragon

This picture was made in tumblr by:




The water dragon

Picture by:

the Firepig




The fire dragon

Made on stuffpoint by:





The earth dragon

made by the wiki!?!

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New screen recorder!

Hey everyone i just want to test my new screen recorder.

Tell me if you can hear me and the sound is good.

sound test

Thanks everyone! :)

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Spelunky is a platformer game that generates a random level each time, there are monsters to over come and traps such as;  snakes and spiders, a arrow trap, or spike pit.1 there are lots of items to collect such as;  shotguns, freeze rays, capes, climbing gloves, spring shoes and picks.2 there are lots of  stages in each stage there are four levels, the stages from one to four are; the mines, the jungle, the ice caves and the pyramid.3

here i will tell you what the monsters are in the mines; snakes just walk side to side they cant jump or go down holes they deal one damage, next is the spider they hang on the roof and when you go under them they will drop down and jump around, next bats they hang form the roof as well but they only come to get you when you come within a certain range  they fly.4

i will now tell you about the traps in the mines; arrow traps will shoot when anything falls in front of them, a arrow deal two hearts, next is the spike pit, guess what they do, correct when you fall in them its a instant death however if you stand next to one and walk through it you wont be hurt.5

some of the items you will encounter are; a shotgun which shoots five shots which are instant death to anything, next is a freeze ray it will freeze monsters it hits then you must jump on it to kill it, next the cape which you wont take damage from falling.6

that is all for now please come back when i update this.


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