dice collecting

me and my brother are dice collecting, if you have some really cool dice please put up a picture of it, thanks.

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Sorry for not posting for a long time, but now I want to make up for the time lost on my blog.

I am going to be telling you about Halo, it is a really good game. basicly its a firstman shooter where you are fighting aliens that call them self’s the COVANENT! there are different kinds of covanent, i’ll tell you from weakest to strongest. grunts are small and carry plasma pistols. buggers also carry plasma pistols but have wings. jackels have jackel like heads carry plasma pistols and have shields made of plasma. brutes carry either brute shots or spikers. hunters are big strong hard to kill aliens that  have there own weapon built in.

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In minecraft you are a person and you are stranded in the middle of nowhere and you have to survive  monsters that spawn at night and will attack you. These are the monsters and what weapons to use;  Skeleton: They have a bow and arrow you should use a bow and arrow your self. Zombie: They can only hurt you by touching you, so you can use a sword or a bow. Spider: They can only hurt you by touching you, but they can climb walls you can use a sword. Creeper: They will blow up to kill you so use a bow, and that is all next time I will tell you about the Nether monsters.

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My house got burned to the ground so I am making a new show it is called: Eli and Monty’s adventures. We haven’t made the video yet so I just wanted to tell you that, bye.

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Minecraft spawn

This is the best spawn ever:

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My Minecraft Game

Minecraft is a fun game where you’re stranded in the middle of nowhere and you have to get wood and pickaxes and stuff to survive at night, because monsters will come out and try and kill you. So this is a video about some of the different monsters, to help you learn what all you need to deal with them.

There are two parts, and this first one is episode one where I explain some of the names of the different monsters. On the next one there are close-ups of some of the monsters.

So this next one is about what happens in the day to a werewolf.

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i’m learning how to type.

I’m learning to type without looking at the keyboard.  I’m doing really good. I really like it. These are the letters that I can do without looking

at the keyboard. f d s a ; l k j g h. I can type words like: dad sad glad lag and other things like that.

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This is about a game that I bought and it’s called Heroica and it’s really awesome because there are bad guys and good guys and goblins and golems and werewolves. Here’s a picture of a hero he is a barbarian.

This is the barbarian. He's the main character.

This is another hero. He’s the wizard.

This is the Wizard. He's the first hero the barbarian meets.

This is the bad guy. He’s the minion:

This is a goblin. He's the weakest of the goblin king's troops.

This is the goblin general:

This is the goblin general, the goblin king's strongest troop

This is a healing potion. It heals two health.

It's a healing potion and it heals two health.

This is the crown. This is one of the four jewels:

This is the crown, one of four jewels that you have to get to drive the monsters away.

This is the Lego dice. This is what you use to fight and move around the board.

This is what allows you to move around. It's the Lego dice.

This is the Lego dice without its Lego tiles, and here are all the Lego tiles so you can look at them.

This is the Lego dice apart.

These are pictures of the board set-up:



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These are  fairy rings,  they are created by fairy’s,  and some times they are fairy’s dancing.  Fairy’s can turn into a toadstool in case a human comes  walking by.  Fairy rings can be made out of anything like, rocks, mushrooms, bark, sticks and leafs.  And i found this fairy ring and then when i came back there were less mushrooms but then when i came back again they were all there.

fairy ring

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so this is the next part of the video.

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