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Posted by on September 20, 2012

Spelunky is a platformer game that generates a random level each time, there are monsters to over come and traps such as;  snakes and spiders, a arrow trap, or spike pit.1 there are lots of items to collect such as;  shotguns, freeze rays, capes, climbing gloves, spring shoes and picks.2 there are lots of  stages in each stage there are four levels, the stages from one to four are; the mines, the jungle, the ice caves and the pyramid.3

here i will tell you what the monsters are in the mines; snakes just walk side to side they cant jump or go down holes they deal one damage, next is the spider they hang on the roof and when you go under them they will drop down and jump around, next bats they hang form the roof as well but they only come to get you when you come within a certain range  they fly.4

i will now tell you about the traps in the mines; arrow traps will shoot when anything falls in front of them, a arrow deal two hearts, next is the spike pit, guess what they do, correct when you fall in them its a instant death however if you stand next to one and walk through it you wont be hurt.5

some of the items you will encounter are; a shotgun which shoots five shots which are instant death to anything, next is a freeze ray it will freeze monsters it hits then you must jump on it to kill it, next the cape which you wont take damage from falling.6

that is all for now please come back when i update this.


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  1. Doo

    If the game generates a random level each time you play, how do you save your progress??

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