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Posted by on April 4, 2012

Sorry for not posting for a long time, but now I want to make up for the time lost on my blog.

I am going to be telling you about Halo, it is a really good game. basicly its a firstman shooter where you are fighting aliens that call them self’s the COVANENT! there are different kinds of covanent, i’ll tell you from weakest to strongest. grunts are small and carry plasma pistols. buggers also carry plasma pistols but have wings. jackels have jackel like heads carry plasma pistols and have shields made of plasma. brutes carry either brute shots or spikers. hunters are big strong hard to kill aliens that  have there own weapon built in.

2 Responses to Halo

  1. Doo

    Monty, this sounds like a really fun game! 😀 I’d like to hear more about it. Why are you killing all of these aliens? What kind of a person are you playing (a normal guy, a soldier, etc.)? And what makes Halo better than all of the other first-person shooters out there?

    Thanks for the post! I always love reading your entries.

    —The Doo Dude

  2. Monty

    well the reason you are killing them is, well its a long story but the short is: a species along time ago made something called the rings, when lighted they will destroy ever sentinant being in the galaxy. is how it gets lighted is with something else called halo that’s why the game is called halo. you are playing a super soldier called a spartan, they are humans that got a serum to make them strong (like captain america) so they are hard to kill and over that they have thick armor so they are even more hard to kill, and in the game you are the last Spartan. his name is john but every one calls him the chief, his three letter/number code is 117 rank sierra so they also call him, “sierra 117″ and the reason its better is because there is a exelant story if you are going to play all the other games, if you are i sagest you go in this order: halo: combat evolved, halo 2, halo 3, halo: reach, and halo 4.

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